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We are the turnkey service provider for all your construction projects.

Our dedicated team works with consultant engineers, architects, developers, electrical contractors, and the end client to provide commercial, logistical and technical support at every stage, including pre-tender, on-site and post-installation.

As a turnkey service provider we use our extensive product knowledge and project experience to tailor flexible electrical solutions which provide:

Reduced installation times

Compliance with European and/or British regulations
and best practice standards LEED and BREEAM 

High performance
for the end-user

Our services include:

Tender quotations   /   Labour-saving calculations   /   Consultancy   /   System design and engineering   /   Project management   /   Systems warranties   /   Installation and operative training   /   Streamlined product supply   /   Commissioning   /   After-sales support   /   Maintenance   /   Best practice procedures (ergonomic, fire-rated, compliant solutions)


    An electrical installation that is reliable, flexible, minimises labour and risks, and achieves high performance with minimum impact on the environment.

    We liaise with you to create a bespoke solution suitable your requirements.

    We review specifications to ensure compliance with the European, Irish and British regulations and with certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) & BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). We ensure full efficiency of the design, to ensure the Project benefits from an optimal install and the End-User from a quality power, data and lighting supply through the facilities with reduced operational costs.


    The guarantee of a project run smoothly and a reliable and future-proof installation.

    Our talented Projects team supports you through each stage of the project with a proficient administrative, commercial, logistical and technical service.

    This includes planning and organising deliveries; providing technical back-up; coordinating and monitoring; fixing last minute problems; training all teams involved in both installation and commissioning, etc.


    All the logistical safeguards that a local company brings for an optimised time management and reduced costs.

    We partner with top European manufacturers to provide quality products and systems compliant with modern specifications, and we ensure that all equipment is available promptly, ready to be quickly and easily installed.

    Our material arrives on site measured, cut and assembled and we coordinate the project schedule with you to organise deliveries on site, zone by zone. We provide your teams with all the product training and support as needed.

Intelligent electrical solutions

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